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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Great Lady is Gone

Hello, world!  Hope all is well with you on this fine Friday.  Good news is that it is payday once again...bad news is that my car is in the shop and it will be a nice $589 to fix it.  Yikes!  I am a poster child for Murphy's Law. 
Lindy Boggs

Yesterday, the funeral services for former congresswoman Lindy Boggs took place inside the St. Louis Cathedral here in New Orleans.  Ms. Boggs was a forerunner in many ways.  She was the first woman elected to congress from Louisiana, she lead the rally for equal rights for women, she was a single parent of three children after her husband disappeared over Alaska in the 70's, she was ambassador to the Vatican under Bill Clinton and she was a damn fine woman...regardless of what your political persuasion.

Lindy's French Quarter House
I had the pleasure of meeting her many years ago down in the French Quarter.  I was home visiting from college, I think, and as we often did, took a short drive down into the Quarter to walk around, eat, see the sights and do some shopping in the French Market.   As we were walking down Bourbon Street who should pop out of her front door but none other than Lindy herself.

My grandmother was the first to recognize her and she proceeded to have a very long conversation with Lindy and even had their photo taken together.  She was so gracious and must have spent about 20 minutes just chatting away with my Nana and us.  It was about nothing in particular that I can remember but I just remember her being so nice and personable.  When we left, she said she was headed down the street to get some groceries from the A&P and wished us all the best.

Possible Conversation in Heaven
It was so strange to meet someone that had been an icon in my state and the entire country and also a great role model.  She was so down to earth and kept telling my grandmother that she was just a young thing compared to her.  Whenever politics would be talked in her presence, my grandmother would always tell the person about the time she became friends with Lindy!

Two great ladies that are no longer with us but most likely getting reacquainted with each other up above.

Love ya,

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