An Adventure with a Taterbug!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A New Adventure

Hello, world!  How ya doing on this 1st of July? Well it is official...I have finally caved to peer pressure and created a blog of my very own.  Over time I hope that we will share a few laughs, gain a few pounds, bridge a few gaps and learn a few things.  If not, a long as we had fun a long the way, my job is done!  I hope you don't mind but I use a excessive amount of exclamation marks and even more ...'s!  Please bear with me.

Taterbug in her Easter Finest
The Taterbug, my cute soon to be 8 year old boss, said that I have a serious problem and need to seek help.  Why, you ask?  Because I made about 12 deco mesh wreaths in a weekend and they all turned out quite large and loud.  She like the first couple I did but after a while she said that I had to stop.  Also, becasue I couldn't judge how big these things would be, I bought 18" wire frames and found out 14" is more than enough.   Here is an example of an 18" spring wreath, my first attempt!

Who knew that they pretty, fluffy wreaths were so darn easy?  Not, I!  After googling several sites to find out how to make these very expensive wreaths, I tackled one.  All you really need a pipe cleaners, deco mesh, a sharp pair of scissors and a clear table.  Add in a couple of fancy accessories and you got yourself a cool looking wreath.

Easy-Pleasy 4th of July Wreath
I made this one in honor of 4th of July. 
I am all about making it look like a million bucks while only spending a couple AKA champagne taste, beer money! 

I used a heart frame that I got on clearance for $.75 from Michael's around Valentine's Day, took off the metallic heart stuff that was on frame and saved for a future project, added half a roll of Red, White & Blue deco mesh that I got at Hobby Lobby for $5 when they had their 50% off sale and added in some assorted patriotic looking stuff I got at Dollar Tree.  Top with a bow at the bottom and you have made a cheap wreath to put on your front door!

The Taterbug or just "Bug" is turning 8 on the July 8th so it is her golden birthday.  Is that a thing anywhere else but in New Orleans?  Any how, she has always had an annual luau for her birthday because let's face it, it is hotter then you know what in July in New Orleans so any reason to swim and drink fruity drinks is a good idea.

I recently purchased a Cricut Mini and we have been cutting fools!  She likes it as much as I do.  Tomorrow I will post some pics of some of the party favors we made over the weekend after our short trip to Baton Rouge.  Too cute!

The Bug getting her "crack" on at Cracker Barrel
Now, for some reason, the Bug kept thinking we were in Chicago.  Why?  I have no idea!  I kept correcting her but she kept saying it anyway.  She is a seasoned traveler, having taken her first plane ride at 6 weeks of age when we evacuated for Hurricane Katrina.  She has been to several state including Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut.  She even has gone to Mexico.  Why oh why did she have it in her head that we were in Chicago I don't know.   I finally put my hands up and said I love being in Chicago as well.

Anyone that has been to Baton Rouge and Chicago know that the two are no way similar except that you can buy pizza in both places.  We shopped, swam and ate.  We do that last one a lot.  Unfortunately, she stays skinny and I can't fit in any of my clothes.

I think that is way more then you ever wanted to know about me for our first "date". I will be back tomorrow and hope you will, too!

Love ya,

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