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Friday, July 12, 2013

Sad Day To Lose an Angel

Hi, ya, world!  What's new with you on this pretty Friday?  I am back to work after my short but sweet vacation and it feels like the day is dragging by one minute at a time.
Sweet Miss Ann

Unfortunately, yesterday was kind of sad for me.  Background: I am the middle child of three with a 5 year older sister and a 9 year younger brother.  I call him "Baby Jesus" because my mother thinks he can walk on water!  Our dad is the oldest of three boys and his middle brother died prematurely in 2003.  His wife had an older sister that we buried yesterday.  Her name was Miss Ann and I have so many fond memories from childhood that involve her.

Throw Me Somethin' Mista!
She never married and had tons of medical problems from birth but she never let that stop her.  She mothered all us kids and then when we had kids, she did the same to them.  Miss Ann was the one to show us the best way to catch beads at Mardi Gras parades and how not to get run over by the floats.  As we got older, we had to watch out for her to make sure she wasn't the one to get run over!  She loved her some Mardi Gras!

My Aunt's parents had a big above ground pool and from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we would be over there almost every weekend.  Miss Ann lived in the apartment in the backyard that they built for her.  After we would go swimming we had to line up to have her pour rubbing alcohol into our ears but she always said that you had to prime the ear first so the alcohol can get in there well.  To this day, I do the same thing to the Bug after she goes swimming!
Prime the Ear First!

Miss Ann never learned to drive and worked for over 30years for the Department of Health and Human Resources downtown.  She couldn't hear well and had hearing aids from birth but if you said something that you shouldn't have like a cuss word or something, she could always hear just fine.

She was one of those angels on earth in my opinion and I know I am better for having had her in my life.  I know she is up in heaven right now mothering all of our loved ones that have gone on before her and making sure that they are lined up just right to catch the best beads and doubloons that are thrown from the big parade in the sky.

Love ya and miss ya, Miss Ann.  Give my love to Uncle Ronnie, Nana, Pawpaw, Miss Lorraine and Mr. Frank.  Save some beads for us!

Love ya,

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