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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life's a Beach!

Hello, world!  Hope you are doing well.  I am happy to say that we had a marvelous trip to Pensacola Beach, Florida and I am ready to face life newly refreshed and rejuvenated.
Island Princess

Putt-Putt Queen
Our drive to the beach was full of rain but as soon as we hit the Florida line, the sun came out and dried off the roads.  Luckily, we made good time and still had some daylight left when we arrived.  The first order of business was to change clothes and hit the mini-golf next door.  Let's just say that neither of us will give Tiger a run for his money but we had a blast and met some people from Ohio that were staying in Gulf Shores.

After a quick 18 holes, we decided to hit the arcade where the Bug won her first toy in a claw game EVER!  How pumped were we?  Very!  She is now the proud owner of a pretty pink bear.

Next we headed over to Crab's for dinner on the beach.  The food was delish and the photo ops were plentiful.  There is nothing better than sticking your toes in the sane as you eat fresh seafood on the beach.

Extra Temples, please!
Taterbug found her new favorite drink, the Shirley Temple with extra Temples, please.  By far, Crab's had the best one on the trip and their presentation was awesome!

Highlights from the trip were as follows:

1.  Ate every meal with our toes in the sand and on the beach
2.  Met some new friends from Missouri
3.  Snuggled each night with the Taterbug at my side
4.  Laughed and smiled all the time
5.  Made some new memories that we will cherish for a long time to come!

I hope each of you has the opportunity to get away this summer and recharge your batteries like we did this past week.  It wasn't long, just 3 days and 2 nights but it made a world of difference to both of us.  So get out there, even if it is just for the night.  Plan a stay-cation in your hometown if nothing else.  Be a tourist in the next town over.  Go to the movies.  Camp out in your backyard.  Visit a relative you haven't seen in a long time.  Call a friend over for dinner.  Unplug or turn off your phone.  Just do something to make you relax and forget about reality.  Believe me, it is so worth it!

Chillaxin' at the pool!

Love ya,

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